It’s Not About The Uniform

Ylimaallinen vieraskynä / guest writer Do you recognise this guy?   There seems to be a creative quality control problem in Finland Anybody who has worked in an advertising agency here will recognise the ‘types’. You know, the junior creative with his red pipo, stripy shirt, jeans and brightly coloured rare/vintage kicks. Or the creative Read more about It’s Not About The Uniform[…]

A short story of a risk taker

The current economic situation in Finland is relatively difficult. In this situation, can you think of a person leaving her well paid secured job and paving the path for becoming a pioneer in consulting film production. Why on earth would one do this?  Anu Ylimaa from Ylimaallinen Agentuuri did it. But the questions arise WHY?? Read more about A short story of a risk taker[…]