A short story of a risk taker

The current economic situation in Finland is relatively difficult. In this situation, can you think of a person leaving her well paid secured job and paving the path for becoming a pioneer in consulting film production. Why on earth would one do this?  Anu Ylimaa from Ylimaallinen Agentuuri did it.


Anu, the brave girl

But the questions arise WHY?? Being in the comfort zone for 16 years and opting to start own company is quite brave and challenging.

Anu, what was the reason to start Ylimaallinen Agentuuri? Why did you leave your job?

Well!! (taking a pose and looking out of the window) I saw misunderstanding between paying clients, advertising agency and production company. I saw missed hours and wastage of money. Wasting time with misinterpreted information. If, I keep working on the similar job title in a similar job line of agency producer, it would restrict me from working for the whole process.

Couple of years before YA is physically born. I have been travelling and talking to ex-clients and ex-colleagues to understand how do they see this idea. I also kept talking to client directors, producer etc. about this idea.

So, from last 2 years I was developing the thought and preparing myself slowly towards forming my own consulting company. Then one day I decided, it’s the right time to establish my own company. If I keep working in a secured job, the focus for creating my own company will suffer. In order to work smoother, client needs to understand the production process completely.

Where do you see YA in next 5 years and 10 years?

(taking a view from the 16th floor office window, Anu gave a smile)

 In 5 years, I would see 5 to 10 people working for YA. Not only film production consultation but more of consulting, branding and marketing. Though still it is a consulting company in all fields.

In 10 years, I see competitors but they are not good as us. (with a loud laugh! and Tarja clicking from all possible directions)

What are the effects of internationalization and digitalization on YA?

To start with we are already a part of digitalization. And, our effect on internationalization is so that we also consult agencies and clients outside Finland to come here to shoot and use our potential and professional film making. We have beautiful locations, all four seasons with various shades of colours. Also, vice-versa Finnish clients will find production companies abroad, with our help (they expand the base through us).

Is it the right time to establish the company like this?

I believe so, because now budgets are quite tight. So, clients have no money to waste in wrong working process. Also, the schedules are tighter and no time to waste. If the process is not clear client wastes time and money.

Client should have help before production or film production process or at least should know it.

Final question. Why did you at all take the challenge?

Somehow the time was right and I decided to run for my dream of forming this company. Thus, I shifted myself from an agency producer, to a freelancer, to a founder of Ylimaallinen Agentuuri.

Ylimaallinen Agentuuri consults in purchasing, bidding (RFQ, RFP, RFI) and coordinating of video and film production. Their values are honesty, transparency and positivity. They work in a way that customers appreciate and respect. Thus, having have an honest understanding and work in collaboration, with positivity and transparency.

Ylimaallinen is a pioneer in the business and believes in a constantly evolving operation for better result.


Looking forward to the future