Briefly in English

Ylimaallinen Agentuuri consulting producer helps companies and marketing agencies to buy and select bids for film productions.

Professional, unbiased, tailor made and optimized film solutions to fit your production needs at any scale or budget.

WHAT – Ylimaallinen Agentuuri will guide you through the production process from budgeting, bid collection from prospective partners, through to shooting and final work in an unbiased fashion. Only just in one part, or, if needed, through the whole production.

WHY – Experience has taught us that things can get lost in translation between clients, advertising agencies and production companies. We felt there was a need to streamline this process.

HOW – By pricing and scheduling of scripts beforehand. This helps the production run smoothly, gives a clear understanding of where the costs lie for clients and prevents mistakes.

By suggestion for turning ideas into films: If the client´s film needs are not clear, with an already completed script, but simply at the idea phase, we can help suggest solutions as to how to implement the production according to the required budget and schedule; for example animation, shot or graphics, etc. Based on the creatives wishes we can suggest the best production solution to implement the idea based on preliminary budget. We will also create an outline schedule.

By preliminary availability check: When the preferred method of production is known (for example animation, shot or graphics, etc.) we handpick the right people for the job. Whilst ensuring their schedule fits ours.

By bid selection: When the production method is chosen and we’ve selected the best prospective candidates, we will brief them, compare their cost estimates and treatments and make our recommendation for the best partner to work with.

By production coordination and supervision. Supervision of production from beginning to end, in order to remain within budget and on schedule without any mishaps.

By production mentoring. We will teach you about budgeting, scheduling, rights, fees, distribution, language versions: Why do productions cost what they cost. Where and what time is needed and spent in the production. What rights must be paid and what do they obtain. Etc.

ANU – 16 years in the film production industry and nearly 1000 productions at different scales have enabled me to build up an unparalleled network of film and video professionals to draw on. Ensuring your needs can be met.

Attention to detail: I make sure nothing is forgotten e.g. rights of actors, music, images, illustrators, animators etc.

TARJA – An effective networker and business development professional, Tarja has over 18 years experience in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in operational marketing and sales, as well as strategic management. She is strongest in business unit development and international expansion.