Markkinoinnin hankintaryhmän tapahtuma



Last Tuesday, 14th Feb on Valentine’s day, we were invited to Fazer to keep a presentation for  “MARKKINOINNIN HANKINTARYHMÄN TAPAHTUMA”. The topic of the meeting was “The efficient buying of moving pictures”, i.e. How to buy moving picture productions effectively?

We made history! For the first time for Markkinoinnin Hankintaryhmä, there were four companies to say their point of view to the topic. Risto Kalsta, the Director Brands & Category (Chocolate at Fazer Confectionery), started from the perspective of the client. Risto pointed out all their doing starts from the target group. Their film and video productions have different kind of types; low, medium and high. What he emphasized was that the outcome should be relating the production type and the target group. Quality comes first; the level of the brand must remain the same! Excellent speak, Risto!

Second speaker came from the SEK advertising agency. Laura Mertano focused on impact, fortune and ROI. Right content+ Right Viewer +Right time = Increase in ROI, as Laura told us. We agree with Laura and add two more to the queue, Right Process and Right Communication. We come to this later on in this text.

Having backround of over 20 years in film productions, Olli Korpiala from Drama Moving Pictures Helsinki, represented the point of view of an production company. What Olli emphasized was the importance of communication in tightened production time schedules and budgets. Moreover Olli wanted the listeners to understand, why it is extremely important to find the right directors to scripts and to the idea. Discussion also rose up concerning the meaning of the producer to the production. For directors it’s important that producers support the idea into alive.

As being the last but least, Anu Ylimaa from Ylimaallinen Agentuuri gave tools for effective buying for moving pictures. Anu, spoke from the viewpoint of a consulting company aiming to save time and money for all the parties. She compared the production process to construction of a house also kept on siting examples from her 16 years of experience.

The whole presentation was in-depth and loaded with information. The message was very clear and simple and it also lead to many opinions and discussion. It was the right time for Ylimaa to pitch in the market. And the talk ended in a positive note.